8 of The Best Forex Trading Platforms for iOS and Android

Are you looking for an excellent Forex trading platforms that offers simply the best in Forex trading? Look no further. As forex trading experts, we know what makes or breaks a great forex trading app. We are constantly looking for some of the best apps out there that offer traders excellent services, no matter the software or device.

In this post we take a look at some of our favorite forex trading platforms, and share our opinion on how they stack up against one another.

#1: IQ Option Forex

With IQ Option your minimum deposit is as little as $10, making it very accessible. The platform has loads to offer including real-time reports and loads of other nifty tools that’s accessible on your device.

#2: Meta Trader 5

This great platform allows you to trade in a whole range of markets including futures, Forex, CFDs as well as stocks. The platform is easy to use and compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

#3: Bloomberg Business

Not strictly a forex platform per se, but still a great platform to keep you in the know of what the markets are doing. Bloomberg is a trusted and reliable source of global market news and trends.

#4: Yahoo Finance

With the Yahoo Finance platform, you will be able to personalize your settings to ensure you get the finance and market news you care about. You’ll never be left out in the dark about what happened in Forex over a weekend.

#5: NetDania Global Stock and Forex Trading

On the NetDania platform you will be able to find a string of great tools and features. You’ll also be kept in the know of the latest forex trading news, get real-time price quotes and access to great strategies.

#6: FXDailyReport.com

Get all the latest in market and Forex trading news straight to your phone with the FXDailyReport.com market news platform. Here you will find all the latest in market news, trade stocks and currencies.

#7: The Forex Hours

This nifty platform will let you know when the market in a specific time zone opens and indicate the so-called ‘magic hours.’ This will let you know when the potential profit margins and trading volume is high.

And that is all of them. Be sure to take a look on the Google Play store and iOS App store on what other stock and forex traders are saying about these platforms. This should give you a great indication whether it would be a fit for your needs or not. We would however recommend any of the iOS and Android platforms listed here.

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