typing-planningWelcome to Aman Forex, where we strive to be the best in forex trading.

Pearl Wright is the founding member of the company and brings with her years of experience in stock exchange but more specifically, forex trading. As a seasoned professional trader, she brings to the table years of experience in reading, analyzing and consulting on all forex trading matters.

Pearl is joined by a team of dedicated finance and investment professionals who shares her dedication to providing excellent forex trading services. They offer clients expert tips and advice on all matters concerning stock markets, forex trading and boosting portfolios.

When you join our community, you can expect instant access to:

Latest News

We’ll keep you posted on all the latest forex trading news, currencies and stock charts. Keep updated with real-time forex trading news to be in control of your investments.

Expert Tips

Our dedicated team of professionals can guide you and provide expert stock and forex trading tips and advice. You’ll never be in need of any other forex platform.

Real-time Charts

Let us be your sole provider of the latest in forex trading charts. Our team is dedicated to providing only the latest in forex trading charts, analyses and much more.

Need some more info on the company and what we have to offer? Be sure to contactone of our advisors and we will be ready to guide you along the way. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog as we keep it updated with all our expert tips and advice that will help you grow your portfolio.