7 Tips on How to Trade Forex Like A Pro

If you are new to Forex trading, and you are not sure where or how to start, you’ve come to just the right place. Trading Forex can be daunting, especially when you’re only starting. Having a broker make decisions on your behalf is the way to go. It is however of utmost importance that you keep track of what is happening too.

As professional Forex traders we can give you some handy tips on getting started. Join us as we share some of our expert tips on how to trade Forex successfully here.

1. Identify Goals and Strategy

As with most things in life, you’ll need to have a very clear idea of what you wish to achieve with trading Forex. Your goals will dictate what type of strategy and trading method you will select to achieve them.

2. Select a Great Broker

Next up, you’ll need to find a broker that can help you achieve the goals you have identified. This will also ensure that you can trade Forex offered by the broker. Do some research beforehand.

3. Stick to Your Trading Methodology

As you go into trading Forex, you’ll need to have a very good idea of how you will be making decisions and which methodology you will follow. The key to successful Forex trading is staying consistent at all times.

4. Select an Entry and Exit Timeframe

Your entry and exit timeframe should be selected very carefully. Never rely on one chart to make a buying or selling decision. An overall view should always be considered before entering or exiting.

5. Focus on Positive Feedback Loops

A positive feedback loop comes into play when you have executed your trading strategy successfully. Even small losses paired with a successful trading strategy leads to positive feedback loops.

6. Analyze the Charts Frequently

Don’t leave trading for the last minute after scanning a chart. When you have time over the weekend, study the weekly trade charts and see if you pick up any trends. This will in turn guide your trading decisions.

7. Keep Track of Things

The best way to keep track of things is to keep a hard copy of all your trades and charts. Note any visible trends and market changes. This will ensure you make better and informed trade decisions in future.

As you can see there are quite a couple of ways to ensure you can implement fantastic Forex trade strategies. By following our top tips, you will be able to come prepared into the world of Forex trading while keeping your cool. For any tips or advice on your Forex trading strategies, be sure to contact our team.


Find the Perfect Broker on Our List of the Top 8 Forex Brokers

Are you interested in getting involved in the exciting world of Forex trading? Finding the right broker and platform can be very laborious and difficult,especially if you are not sure which brokerage firm is reliable and professional. Luckily, you’ve got a team of expert Forex traders on your side with Aman Forex.

In this post we’ll share our list of the very best in Forex brokers out there, in no specific order. We can highly recommend using any of the firms we discuss here. Let’s get started.

#1: ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets is known to be the best in mobile and trading tool services out there, primarily due to their Trade Interceptor platform. The Forex trading platform offers traders unique insights and access to a wide range of Forex markets as well as competitive commissions.


When it comes to global Forex trading, there is simply no better platform to stick to than It is also known as one of the largest Forex brokers in the United States that offers the best-balanced offering.

#3: IC Markets

If you wish to have access to a wide range of markets and currencies, IC Markets is your best bet. You’ll also have access to the best Forex trading platforms with fantastic trading and charting tools.  The three Forex trading platforms that they offer are:  MT4, MT5, and cTrader; all of which are always considered among the best Forex trading platforms.

#4: Pepperstone

For those of you looking to trade cryptocurrencies as a Contract For Difference (CFD), Pepperstone is the best out there. When using Pepperstone, you’ll have access to hundreds of markets, expert brokerage services and much more.

#5: IG

IG is considered one of the most trusted and highly esteemed brokerage firms out there. You’ll enjoy access to turnkey research and trading tools as well as real-time exchange charts and data.

#6: AxiTrader

AxiTrader is featured on our list because they offer comprehensive trading tools and access to a wide range of trading ideas on their social network trading platform. AxiTrader is great for newbie traders on the block.

#7: FxPro

And last but not least we have FxPro. This fantastic broker offers the best for MetaTrader brokers thanks to their robust platform. FxPro also offers excellent execution and pricing models.

And that’s all of them! Be sure to do some research and check out these great brokers before dipping your toes in the exciting world of Forex trading. Each of them have unique Forex trading platforms, but rest assured all of them offer the best Forex trading platforms.  We’re more than willing to help you on your way and provide more information on any of these companies.