Forex Trading101: Introduction to Forex Trading Strategy

What is considered a forex trading strategy? And how do you compile your own to ensure your forex trading is not only successful, but profitable? Not everything is always clear-cut, but you can rely on Aman Forex to provide some handy tips on Forex strategies and how to make the most of them.

Essentially, a forex trading strategy can either be automated or manual. These strategies are geared to generate trade signals you should be aware of. While you can purchase trading strategies, this is not advisable. It’s much easier to draw up your own, and you won’t run the risk of losing money on something that did not work.

There are a couple of simple ways that you can come up with your expert forex trading strategy. Let’s take a look at what these simple mechanisms include.

Market Selection

Firstly, as a trader you’ll need to make a market selection. This means you need to become fluent in currencies and currency pairs. This will ensure you are informed on different currency pairs.

Position Sizing

As a forex trader you will need to know how large each position is to control for the amount of risk in every trade made. You need to determine the risk to make the right exit and entry decisions.

Point of Exit

You need to understand currency pairs fully and when the best time is for an exit. Your point of exit can be the difference between a great trade or one that will result in complete loss.

Point of Entry

The same goes for points of entry. You need to understand currency pairs fully and when the best time is to enter a long or short position in the market.


Finally, you need to understand forex trading tactics. You need to have a set of rules that direct your buying and selling methodology. This includes using execution technologies successfully.

With these basic tips you should have a good idea of how to come up with your expert forex trading strategy. If you find that you are still completely at a loss, give us a call or drop us a mail and we’ll be sure to guide you on your way to becoming an expert forex trader.